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Sustensis has specialized for over 20 years in the area of long-term sustainable growth. Our objective is to help companies make a gradual transition from a short-term to a long-term business growth. To achieve that, we apply our own approach - Symbiosa Business Sustainability®.  It can help companies achieve long-term sustainable growth with lower risk through a balanced use of financial, material, organisational and human resources.  We have developed over 20 integrated specialist services supporting transition to long-term growth. For more information about Sustensis click here.


All our services are underpinned by our patent-pending indices:  Long-term Growth Potential® (LGP) and Long-term Growth Value® (LGV). They are invaluable for determining companies’ long-term competitiveness. In the financial sector they can help investors compare the company’s potential for the long-term growth and financial return against its competitors. LGP index results (see below) can be linked to our  Symbiosa Stakeholder Scorecard® - a Stakeholder-focused version of a classic Balanced Scorecard - aimed at a quick delivery of significant business benefits.


The services offered by Sustensis incorporate best practice of large corporations, exceptionally successful over a longer period, and the vision of people that have fundamentally changed our understanding of what it means to be a successful company.  Among the people that have inspired us most is Warren Buffet that has practiced for decades the principles of Business Sustainability by selecting companies for the long-term investment. The other one  is Robert F. Schumacher, especially his concepts of achieving long-term harmony of business and societal needs, best put forward in his seminal work “Small is Beautiful”.


As part of our Business Sustainability approach to work-life balance, we have developed our own methodology called Holistic Well-being that can help companies achieve higher level of productivity, and employees - a higher level of well-being. It is in the process of converting it into METIS Life Mentor apps.


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